1895: The Year it All Began

Arthur Hovenden Worth (AH Worth) arrives in Holbeach Marsh to set up the 2,000 acre Manor Farm that remains, to this day, the centre of our operations.

  • Arthur Hovenden WorthArthur Hovenden Worth
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1920: The Age of Entrepreneurship

Realising the requirement for fast moving fresh produce, Arthur pioneered The Lincolnshire Potato Railway, transporting the family spuds straight from the farm to the London markets within 24 hours. After the success of this venture, together with his Son (George), AH Worth was formally incorporated and professionalised as an enterprise.

  • Potato RailwayPotato Railway
  • George WorthGeorge Worth
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1970: Planting the Future

Over the years, the customer base grew, supplying a diverse potato range to a variety of different markets, direct from the 2,000 acres base at Manor Farm.

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2000: The Decade of New Opportunities

Increased the farm land to 4,500 acres and opened our own Fresh Prepared Facility to add further value to the humble spud through convenience and premiumisation. An area which remains a focal point for our foodie team of experts, creating the perfect dish to ever-changing consumer tastes.

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2010: The Vegetable Vitality

Seeing the synergistic opportunities, we commenced trading in Sweetcorn, Garlic, Onions and Leeks, connecting growers all over the world with reliable markets through our dedicated packing facilities.

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2015: Innovation and Dynamism

Commissioned our Anaerobic Digestion Plant, supplying 90% of our site’s electric requirement.
Significant investment in robotics, becoming market leaders in the collaboration between technology and farming.
Developed our potato production to include a dedicated Baker Centre of Excellence, additional storage and grading facilities, as well as further increased our farming estate to 6,500 acres.

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2021: Expansion

Acquired Emmett UK Ltd, allowing continual investment and development to our assortment of products and customers. Located close by in Fosdyke, the acquisition brought Spinach, Leeks, Kale and Cavolo Nero to the range.