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Our experienced Wholesale Team is dedicated to supplying a wide range of customers via the wholesale markets. Customers include Michelin star chefs, a nationwide network of chip shops, hotels, independent restaurants, restaurant chains, plus numerous catering outlets.

We pride ourselves on our potato expertise and our ability to supply consistent quality 52 weeks of the year.

Our comprehensive potato range includes freshly packed Bakers, Chipping Potatoes, Mashing Potatoes, Roasting Potatoes, Whites, Salads, and Specialist Varieties.

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Potato Lovers

Potato Lovers

The premium chipping potato

Grown, harvested, stored, size graded and packed to exacting requirements. Specially selected varieties, quality and cook tested batch by batch. Developed and approved by chefs, for chefs, to deliver perfect chips every time.
Available in 20kg Sacks, 65+mm tubers

Potato Lovers Main points

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Chippies Choice

Potato Lovers

Chippies’ Choice

Favourite of the fish and chip shop trade

The number one, most widely recognised and trusted chipping potato on the market. Our customers won’t settle for anything less. Established for decades, often copied, but never beaten. It’s called Chippies’ Choice for a reason!
Available in 25kg Sacks, 45+mm tubers

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Potato Lovers

Baby Pearls

A premium salad potato

Our Baby Pearls potatoes are sought after by gourmet chefs, foodies and a wide range of restaurants throughout the country for their superior taste and waxy texture. We select only the finest varieties and source from specialist partner growers to deliver the best results possible. Suitable for a wide range of culinary uses, or just boil them and enjoy their fresh wholesome taste!
Available in 10kg Boxes

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